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Easiest Ways of Making Money with Photography

You created unique photos with Artaist AI. You can't find what to do with these photos. Did you know that you can make money by selling these? With this detailed guide on selling stock photos, you can find a lot of information about stock photography. The business of making money by selling stock photos, which is very popular today, will create additional income for you. In this guide, you can find answers to all the questions you are looking for, such as what is photography and photography, how to make money from stock photography, what are the best stock photography sites.

What is Stock Photography?

Stock photography is photographs that are licensed and copyrighted for specific uses. Stock photography dates back to the 1920s. Stock photos can contain almost any subject, especially studio shots. The customer buys stock photos according to the subject he needs. In this case, many different categories of photographs emerge, from landscape photography to educational photography.

It is possible to evaluate the subject of stock photography under 3 different headings. Stock photo models include:

Macrostock: Expressing traditional stock photography, macro stock includes high-priced and custom stock photos.

Midstock: The middle stock, which is between the macro stock and the micro stock, includes the average prices of these two.

Microstock: There are many websites that sell micro stock photography today. A competitor to traditional stock photography, micro stock works on offering comprehensive stock photography at low prices.

With the establishment of iStockphoto, the first microstock platform, in May 2000 and the transition to the micropayment model in 2001, stock photography has become more accessible. During the intervening time, dozens of micro stock photography sites have entered our lives. Many stock photo selling sites that say they want to sell the photos I have taken become members.

Free Stock Photo

If your goal is not to sell photos, but to download free stock photos to use in your projects, you can take advantage of some websites. High resolution photo sites allow you to download stock photos for free. Likewise, it is possible to download materials such as videos and music for free. For detailed information on this subject, you can take a look at our topic titled Free Stock Video Sites.

Best Stock Photo Sites

We need to use sites that buy photos to sell stock photos. When we search on Google in the form of sites to sell photos, we come across dozens of websites. What are the best stock photo sites in this part of our article? How to upload photos to stock photo sites? What are the stock photo upload terms? How to get paid from stock photo sites?

We have prepared this guide for you after observing the stock photo selling sites at the bottom for about 3 months under various headings such as language support, photo acceptance rates, earnings models, payment methods, minimum payment amounts, ease of use:


1- Shutterstock

At the top of the list, we include Shutterstock, the most used stock photography agency in the world. Founded by Jon Oringer in 2003, Shutterstok is a platform for thousands of photographers who want to sell stock photos. Shutterstock site is one of the most popular photo sales sites, as well as selling materials such as videos, graphics and music.

Photo Acceptance Rate: Compared to many sites, they are selective about accepting photos. This prevents poor or medium quality content from filling the site.

Photo Review Time: It is stated that when you become a member of Shutterstock site and submit your first photo, it will be evaluated within 10-15 days on average. After your first photo is accepted, they review the photos you send within an average of 1 day.

Commission Rates: Shutterstock site has 6 levels for users. These levels and earnings rates are as follows:

Level 1: 15% up to 100

Level 2: 101-250 20%

Level 3: 251-500 25%

Level 4: 501-2500 30%

Level 5: 2501-25000 35%

Level 6: More than 25000 40%

*As the number of downloads of the photos increases, your commission rate also increases. For example, you get a 15% commission from the first 100 sales of a photo, and a 20% commission from the next 150 sales. These sales rates reset every new year.

Minimum Payment Amount: You can withdraw your funds when your balance on the Shutterstock site reaches $35.

Payment Methods: Payment methods on the site are Payoneer, Skrill and PayPal.

Exclusive: There is no special membership type on the Shutterstock site. You can sell all the images you sell on this site on other sites without any problems.

Membership Link:


2- Adobe Stock

Adobe, the most important brand of a wide spectrum such as photography, video and graphic design, purchased Fotolia, a stock photography site, in 2015. After this date, Adobe, which entered the stock photography industry under the name Adobe Stock, hosts millions of materials. Apart from stock photography, the site also sells graphic design, vector, video and music.

Photo Acceptance Rate: Although photos pass an average screening, there is an average acceptance rate of 70% for standard shots.

Photo Review Period: Photos are reviewed and approved within 2-3 days on average on Adobe Stock, a stock photo selling site.

Commission Rates: Adobe Stock pays 33% commission as royalty.

*Also, thanks to the bonus program, active members can use applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects free of charge for 1 year, depending on the number of downloads of their photos.

Minimum Payment Amount: You must have a balance of at least $25 to withdraw funds from Adobe Stock. However, 45 days must pass after your first sale transaction.

Payment Methods: You can withdraw your money via PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer by requesting payment after selling stock photos.

Exclusive: All memberships on the Adobe Stock site are considered non-Exclusive. In other words, although there is no special membership type, you can sell the same content on other sites.

Membership Link:


3- Depositphotos

One of the leading stock photography sites, Depositphotos was founded in 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev. Established in Ukraine, the stock site was acquired by e-commerce company Vistaprint for $85 million in 2021. In addition to the sale of stock photos, vector, video and music files are also sold on the site.

Photo Acceptance Rate: Materials submitted for selling stock photography are 80%-90% approved on Depositphotos.

Photo Review Period: Photos uploaded to the site are evaluated within an average of 1 day.

Commission Rates: Earnings between 30%-38% are obtained in sales made through the site. With these rates, an average of $0.25 to $0.33 per download is earned.

Level 1 (Green): 30% up to 499

Level 2 (Bronze): 500-4,999 32%

Level 3 (Silver): 5,000-24,999 34%

Level 4 (Gold): 25,000-149,999 36%

Level 5 (Platinum): 150,000+ 38%

*Supplier rates on Depositphotos site are determined by the number of downloads of images.

Minimum Payment Amount: In order to receive payment from the site, your balance must be at least $50.

Payment Methods: The site's payment methods include Skrill, PayPal and Payoneer.

Membership Link:


4- Dreamstime

Founded in 2000, Dreamstime is one of the oldest stock photography sites. The site, which sold royalty-free photos at the time it was first established, turned into a microstock site in 2004. Along with the sale of stock photos, the site also includes vector, video and music materials.

Photo Acceptance Rate: Dreamstime is quite comfortable in its photo evaluations. The site's photo acceptance rate is around 90%-95%.

Photo Review Period: Photos uploaded to the site are reviewed and approved during the day.

Minimum Payment Amount: Dreamstime is one of the ones that set the highest minimum payment amount among stock photography sites. You must have a minimum of $100 in your account to receive payment here.

Payment Methods: As with many sites, Dreamstime payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill, but it is also possible to claim your earnings as a bank check.

Exclusive: Dreamstime site offers membership options as non-Exclusive and Exclusive. In the normal membership type, it is possible to earn between 25% and 45% per downloaded file. Exclusive members can earn 60% per download.

Membership Link:


5- Getty Images (iStock)

One of the most well-known sites for selling stock photos is Getty Images and iStock. Founded in 2000 as iStockphoto, iStok was acquired by Getty Images for $50 million in 2006. However, both sites started to work in conjunction.

One of the important points is that we need to use a mobile application when registering to sell stock photos on the site. After making the first uploads on the mobile application, you can continue to upload photos on the website if approved. Another point is that photos uploaded via Getty Images can be sold on both Getty and iStock. Getty Images decides on which platform the images will be sold.

Photo Acceptance Rate: The average photo acceptance rate on Getty for standard photos is around 80%.

Photo Review Period: The review period for photos on iStock varies between 1-5 days.

Commission Rates: Earnings for stock photos on Getty Images and iStock sites vary between 15% and 20%. However, a fee of 25%-40% is paid for Exclusive members.

Minimum Payment Amount: Getty Images stock site makes payments to those who sell stock photos on the 25th of each month. The minimum payment amount on the Getty Images site is $50-100$ (Exclusive and non-Exclusive difference). The minimum payment amount for earnings on the iStock site is $100.

Payment Methods: It is possible to receive the payments you earn from Getty via PayPal and Payoneer.

Exclusive: Getty Images offers exclusive and non-exclusive membership options. Private members earn 10%-20% more than regular members. Apart from this, photos of exclusive members stand out more in search results. Another important point, however, is that Getty does not allow its participants to sell photos or videos anywhere else. In other words, if you have become an exclusive member by uploading photos, you are not even allowed to sell different photos elsewhere.

Membership Link: Google PlayApp Store

All the images you create with Artaist App Generate AI Art are truly created with artificial intelligence. Every text written and every image created through Artaist grows and develops the main database. Thus, over time, the resulting images produce results that look more like text. At the same time, since the images created will be completely unique, you can share this art with your loved ones and followers with great pleasure. You can even earn money by selling directly from it, as you will have the rights, or you can have a real digital art collection by converting it to NFT. To use the Artaist AI application for free, you can experience it by going to and downloading the appropriate version for your device.

You can download the Artaist Generate AI Art application for free from here.


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